Meet Katie Sattazahn of Zahncroft Dairy: Dedicated to Maintaining the Legacy of the Family Farm

Throughout the month of March we will be celebrating the strong, resilient, and courageous women who inspire us everyday. We hope you will join the conversation by celebrating the women who inspire you too!

#WomenInspiringWomen #ChoosetoChallenge.

Meet Katie Sattazahn. Like so many women, dairy farming is in Katie’s blood. Katie grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania before going on to Pennsylvania State University to study animal science. Today, Katie and her husband’s family manage 280 cows and associated youngstock at Zahncroft Dairy, a multiple generation dairy farm outside of Reading, PA. 

Katie is extremely passionate about dairy farming and is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of the family farm. 

When asked why she does what she does, Katie replied: “People need nourishing food and dairy meets that criteria as a highly nutritious food. We have the ability to produce a nutritious product that is affordable to consumers.” Producing healthy, nutritious food brings great pride to Katie, and like every other dairy farmer we know, the health of her animals is of utmost importance to her.

Zahncroft Dairy takes part in an educational program with schools where classrooms adopt a cow. The class is alerted when the calf is born, and the students follow along with that cow’s development throughout the school year. At the end of the year the class gets to live chat with Katie. It is evident just how passionate Katie is about connecting young consumers to the farm, while and educating them about the importance of dairy farming. 

We are grateful for the work that Katie and her family do every day to produce nutritious and delicious food for our families, while simultaneously taking great care of the land and the animals in their trust.

Pictured above: Raechel, Doug, Katie and David, owners and operators of Zahncroft Dairy.


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