Meet Jane Sherborne: A multi-generational farmer with a heart that has always been in dairy

Jane Sherborne is a generational dairy farmer whose farming roots go back at least six generations in both Northern Ireland and Germany.  She is so deeply rooted in dairy that some may even say that she has milk running through her veins. Jane’s passion for dairy farming started on her family’s dairy farm in Wisconsin, where she fondly remembers helping (or perhaps hindering) her dad with the daily farm chores. Jane’s family legacy is strong in Wisconsin where generations ago her great grandmother’s family were the original builders of octagonal barns that you still see today. Growing up Jane would dream of one day having her own family farm. Today she lives in New South Wales, Australia – the land of big skies, interesting animals, and sunburns – where her dream has come true.

While dabbling in several careers throughout her life, Jane now plays an active role on her own dairy where she farms with her husband and three children. She also plays an integral role in the Australian dairy industry where she has held titles of Member, Director, and Chairman for various associations at one time or another. She says, “it has not always been easy, as a female, but that just makes me work harder, smarter and be more determined.” 

“It has not always been easy, as a female, but that just makes me work harder, smarter and be more determined.”

Jane Sherborne

She believes that dairy farmers are responsible for producing a product that meets market requirements while also controlling supply. This ensures not to devalue the industry, the animals, the people whose livelihoods depend on the industry, or the resources it takes to produce healthy and nutritious milk. Jane knows that having a long-term focus on sustainability supports prosperity for the entire industry.    

Jane and her family are committed to educating and promoting the dairy industry. For over a decade they have been involved in the Cows Create Careers project where they answer questions about careers in the dairy industry and share their overall passion for farming. Jane says, “they may not get a job in dairy, but they learn to respect and appreciate the liquid gold that we produce!” 

While dairy farming looks quite different for Jane today in Australia compared to what it looked like growing up 10,000 miles away in Wisconsin, a few things do remain constant. “It is truly a blessing to farm every day with my family, and it is a gift to see our hard work thrive in the health and happiness of our animals” she says. 

Pictured above: Jane Sherborne on her dairy farm in New South Wales, Australia


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