Meet Shauna Curry: A Canadian CEO driven to address the global need for safe drinking water

Shauna Curry is the CEO of CAWST, a Canadian charity and licensed engineering firm that addresses the global need for safe drinking water and sanitation. CAWST teaches people how to get safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in their own homes, using simple, affordable technologies.

Shauna Curry, CEO of CAWST

Shauna has travelled to 14 different developing countries on a mission to help people achieve clean water in their communities. Shauna started at CAWST in 2004 as a Global WASH Advisor before becoming the head of CAWST’s global training and consulting services a year later.

Taking over as CEO in 2011, this incredible woman knows her stuff when it comes to water. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Bio-resource Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan.

We celebrate the work that Shauna and her team are doing, not only as part of our International Women’s Month campaign, but today especially on World Water Day!


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